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About Me:

My name is Carole, my friends and family describe me as a wild child. I have to admit that I am guilty as charged. I just can't settle down because it is way to boring. My previous bf couldn't handle my wild ways, so I had to kick him to the curb. Now, I'm just trying to find somebody to get hot and heavy with. I've realized that I'm not the gf type, so I'm looking for a guy that can handle having fun without getting too serious.

31/F for Casual Sex
23/F for Hook Ups
23/F for Hard Sex
20/F for Flings
27/F for Casual Sex
35/F for Random Sex
21/F for Older Men
24/F for Cool Guys
30/F for Casual Sex
24/F for Big Cocks
22/F for Hot Boys
29/F for Wild Sex
26/F for Kinky Fun
33/F for Crazy Sex
36/F for NSA Fun
28/F for Cute Guys
30/F for Casual Sex
33/F for NSA Sex
25/F for New Men
21/F for Mature Guys
20/F for Hook Ups
31/F for Casual Sex
22/F for Sub. Boys
32/F for Casual Sex
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